Ghanta Demudu (Agriculture)

Name: Ghanta Demudu
Age: 70
Village: Dimili
Demudu has been farming all his life. He does not consider himself educated, though he did learn to read and write a bit at a night school in the early days of BCT. He is an experienced farmer with many agricultural skills, yet he felt quite helpless and didn’t know what to do when a major drought hit the area, ruined his rice crop and threatened to destroy his livelihood. At this time BCT-KVK was making visits to farmers, assessing situations and making suggestions. Demudu had never heard of the organisation before, but happily took their advice to grow finger millet and planted the seeds they gave him. That year, his was the only green crop in the entire area. He harvested 500 kilograms of the millet, which was of excellent quality. The whole village came to see his crop and many purchased seeds for themselves, and they to had good yields.

Demudu was grateful to the organisation for showing him a way to overcome the drought period. He wanted to thank them and show them the excellent results, but realised he had forgotten the name of the organisation. He spent days searching and asking around and finally found his way back to KVK to give his thanks. Since that time he has continued to follow KVK’s advice and is always eager to try new seeds and new methods. He has even been selected as the best farmer in the area and was presented with an award by KVK. He attributes his success in farming to his attitude, and his willingness to adapt and try new things. His son has visited the KVK farm and research centre, and now attends KVK meetings regularly.

This year Demudu feels fortunate to once again have a good rice crop. He will earn 460 rupees for every 100 kilograms of rice. With this income he wants to clear the debts he has with banks and private moneylenders. He is concerned about the bad situation still faced by many of the farmers as they deal with the devastation caused the drought and hopes for another good harvest next year in order to fully recover.