Early on BCT found that the twin evils that continue to plague the rural poor are ignorance and ill health. The first was addressed by organising programmes that emphasised education and training. To tackle the latter, BCT established the Grama Arogyalayam Trust in 1985 to deal with health education as well as treatment of illness.…

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Rejuvenation of Folk Arts


Folk arts are as old as humanity. They cover the entire gamut of human activity from womb to tomb. Common people (folks) described their everyday chores through little songs (arts), giving birth to the term, folk arts. The artists performing were promoted by villagers, who would often get them to perform at every conceivable opportunity.…

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Ghanta Demudu (Agriculture)


Name: Ghanta Demudu Age: 70 Village: Dimili Demudu has been farming all his life. He does not consider himself educated, though he did learn to read and write a bit at a night school in the early days of BCT. He is an experienced farmer with many agricultural skills, yet he felt quite helpless and…

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Edla Ademma

Name: Edla Ademma Age: 75 Village: Lanka Dharmavaram Ademma’s history with BCT goes back over 20 years. She was first introduced to the organisation when an older woman from her village, who sold goods in neighbouring villages, met a BCT volunteer and asked her to come to Lanka Dharmavaram. Up until that point spent any…

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P. Chinababu (Teacher)

Name: P. Chinababu Age: 23 Village: Haripuram When Chinababu’s father reached fifth grade the financial situation of his family forced him to discontinue his studies in order to join his family working in the fields. This experience made him determined to ensure that his own children would not face the same fate. Luckily, by the…

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