“There is no Wasteland, only Wasted land” KVK Logo

                    -- Dr. B.V. Parameswara Rao, Founder - BCT



Established in 1976, BCT is a non-profit, non-sectarian, social service organization; has been involved in transforming rural villages of Visakhapatnam district. BCT, located at Eco Rejuvenation Centre, Haripuram, has conducted over 100 pilot programs: — a few of which have become models for replication across the country — in the areas of women’s self-help groups (precursor to the DWACRA and SHG), rural banking, wasteland development, development of literacy primers for literacy training program, agriculture development and growth of allied activities. Past BCT Agriculture Projects: Wasteland Development, Nursery Program, Drilling of community boreholes, Calf exchange program

About KVK

In 1995 BCT was sanctioned Krishi Vigyan Kendra for Visakhapatnam district by the Indian Council of Agricultural Research (ICAR) with mandate of conducting on farm trials, front line demonstrations and trainings. The KVK’s are mainly given to the State Governments and Universities and a few to reputed NGO’s. BCT-KVK is one of those given to NGO’s.

Impact of KVK

• A total of 32 Improved and high yielding varieties in Paddy, Green gram, Red gram, Groundnut and Sesame were tested and propagated to the farmers. Popularised KVK-DiagnosticVisits cost reductions technologies like Zero Tillage Maize, reclamation of problematic soils using green manure, usage of single node seedlings in sugarcane, paddy drum seeder.

• Pro-Tray raised seedlings KVK-ValueMillets has resulted in bringing down the cost of production by 60% while increasing the productivity.
• 2175 Trainings were organized for Farmers, Rural Youth, Extension Functionaries and Women groups on various crop management practices, income generating activities


Infrastructural Facilities at KVK

• Poly house
• Shade-net House
• Soil testing Laboratory
• Farmers hostel
• Fully equipped A/C Training hall

Demonstration units at Eco Rejuvenation center

• Vermi compost production unit
• Nursery
• Diary unit
• Mushroom production unit
• Azolla Production
• Bio-Intensive Garden plots

Training programs

• Package of practices for better yields of field crops (Paddy, Sugarcane, Red gram, Black gram, Green gram, Ground nut and Sesame).
• Improving soil fertility through green manure and bio fertilizers
• Integrated Pest Management in Paddy & vegetables.
• Rejuvenation of Mango and Cashew orchards.
• Food processing of vegetables, millets and jack fruit.
• Training programme on Cattle Management

Services Provided at KVK

• Crop Management Practices
• Soil analysis for nutrient status of the soil.
• Field & Diagnostic visits
• Pro-Tray raised seedling production for Horticulture and Floriculture crops.
• Organic inputs and Farming.
• Diagnostic services for Cattle


(By Dr. Sailaja Kurra, MBA, PhD., Senior scientist & Head – BCT-KVK)