About Us


A non-profit organization working towards the transformation of the villages since 1976 in Visakhapatnam district, Andhra Pradesh. Through its participatory approach and integrated rural development programs, BCT nurtures change agents within villages and created paradigm for replication both nationally as well as internationally.


With the focal agenda of transformation of villagers into leaders for village development, BCT works in the diverse areas touching every cross-section of the village.

As villagers are facilitated towards identify issues and problems confronting their lives, the programs at BCT are designed to address issues emerging from the villages.

The programs are currently in the realm of

Education (Primary and Secondary sectors)
Rehabilitation of the Challenged (Community based as well as Center based)
Health Care (Preventive and Adolescent)
Agriculture Research
Wastedland development
Skill Development (Short and Long term)
Livelihoods Promotion
Rejuvenation of Folk Arts

To transform the villages of Visakhapatnam district into models of learning in a manner that all people, physically challenged and able bodied are gainfully employed. Also to cause substantive improvements in the state of literacy, health and economic sustenance. Finally to harness not just natural resources but also human resources through leadership and motivation.

To promote continuous self-improvement in the quality of lives of the villagers by generating their own leadership in solving their problems and by creating opportunities at their doorsteps for utilizing their resources most efficiently.

Approach: Participatory.
Attention: Villagers and Urban youth
Role: Motivation and facilitation.
Motto: Intrinsic capacity of every person, abled or challenged, to help themselves.